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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-04Boolean Particle Swarm Optimization with various Evolutionary Population Dynamics approaches for feature selection problemsThaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Chantar, Hamouda$Other$Other; Too, Jingwei$Other$Other; Mafarja, Majdi$Other$Palestinian; Turabieh, Hamza$Other$Other; Houssein, Essam $Other$Other
2023-02-09Classification framework for faulty-software using enhanced exploratory whale optimizer-based feature selection scheme and random forest ensemble learningMafarja, Majdi $Other$Palestinian; Thaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Azmi Al-Betar, Mohammed $Other$Other; Too, Jingwei $Other$Other; A. Awadallah, Mohammed $Other$Other; Doush, Iyad Abu$Other$Other; Turabieh, Hamza $Other$Other
2023-07-28Cooperative Swarm Intelligence Algorithms for Adaptive Multilevel Thresholding Segmentation of COVID-19 CT-Scan ImagesSabha, Muath $AAUP$Palestinian; Thaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Emam, Marwa M.$Other$Other
2023-07-15Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Feature Selection, Classification Methods, and Data Grouping Based Age, Sex, and RaceSheta, Alaa $Other$Other; Thaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Surani, Salim$Other$Other; Turabieh, Hamza $Other$Other; Braik, Malik $Other$Other; Too, Jingwei $Other$Other; Abu-El-Rub, Noor $Other$Other; Mafarjah, Majdi $Other$Other; Chantar, Hamouda $Other$Other; Subramanian, Shyam $Other$Other
2023-01An Efficient High-dimensional Feature Selection Approach Driven By Enhanced Multi-strategy Grey Wolf Optimizer for Biological Data ClassificationMafarja, Majdi $Other$Palestinian; Thaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Too, Jingwei $Other$Other; Chantar, Hamouda$Other$Other; Turabieh, Hamza $Other$Other; Houssein, Essam H.$Other$Other; Emam, Marwa M.$Other$Other
2021-11-01An Enhanced Evolutionary Student Performance Prediction Model Using Whale Optimization Algorithm Boosted with Sine-Cosine MechanismThaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Zaguia, Atef$Other$Other; Al Azwari, Sana$Other$Other; Mafarja, Majdi $Other$Palestinian; Chantar, Hamouda $Other$Other; Abuhamdah, Anmar $Other$Other; Turabieh, Hamza$Other$Other; Mirjalili, Seyedali$Other$Other; Sheta, Alaa$Other$Other
2023-09-26Enhanced Variants of Crow Search Algorithm Boosted with Cooperative Based Island Model for Global OptimizationThaher, Thaer$AAUP$Palestinian; Awad, Mohammed $AAUP$Palestinian; Sheta, Alaa $Other$Other; Aldasht, Mohammed $Other$Other