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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A Future horizon to high school textbook themeabu-samreh m. m
2000An Introductory Course in an Applied Mathematicsabu-samreh m. m
2006Assessment of 210P and 210Pb Inhalation from Cigarettes Smoking in Palestineabu-samreh m. m
2017Assessments of Indoor Radon-222 concentration levels in some dwellings in the Tubas city during the summer season of the year 2016abu-samreh m. m; anan a. hussain; methqal daraghmeh
2003Beyond the reasons of preventing moslems from eating hamabu-samreh m. m
2000Dilemmas of scientific research in Palestinian universitiesabu-samreh m. m
2000Dynamic transport coefficients in Fermi liquidsabu-samreh m. m
2003Exaggeration of having food against the illness and exhaustionabu-samreh m. m
2004Gamma radiation measurements and dose rates of naturally occurring radioactive samples from Hebron province geological rocksabu-samreh m. m
2000Graduate studies in Palestinian universities among reality and challengeabu-samreh m. m
2000Indications of physical sciences in the holy Quranabu-samreh m. m
2009Literature Review of the Effects of Nuclear Radiation and Temperature on the Physical properties of Radiated Materialabu-samreh m. m
2003Measurements of Gamma Ray Environmental Dose Rates in some Houses located in the Western Zone of Yatta City During the year 2001abu-samreh m. m
2009Modern Trends in Logical thinkingabu-samreh m. m
2010Nonlinear Hall Effectabu-samreh m. m
1995Physics and its links to individuals and communityabu-samreh m. m
2010Radiation and Radioactive Materiaabu-samreh m. m
2002Relaxation rates of two-dimensional Fermi gas systems in an applied magnetic fieldabu-samreh m. m
1998Relaxation time approximation for studying heavy-ion collisionsabu-samreh m. m
2002Repetition Pattern of Number 7 in the Holy Quran and the tremendous indication against the Similarities of God Creator propertieabu-samreh m. m