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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Hall effect, space-charge limited current and photoconductivity measurements on TlGaSe2 layered crystalsA. F Qasrawi; nm.gasanly
2013Hall mobility and photoconductivity in TlGaSeS crystalsA. F Qasrawi; gasanly, n. m.$Other$Other
2020-10-13Has Blog Reader–Focused Research Evolved?Abu Arqoub, Omar$Other$Other
2020-11-09Has Blog Reader–Focused Research Evolved?Elega, Adeola Abdulateef $Other$Other; Efe Özad, Bahire $Other$Other; Oloyede, Felix$Other$Other; Taye Omisore, Olabola$Other$Other; Abu Arqoub, Omar$AAUP$Palestinian
2020-04-13Head Concepts Selection for Verbose Medical Queries ExpansionMaree, Mohammed $AAUP$Palestinian; Noor, Israa $Other$Other; Rabayah, Khaled $AAUP$Palestinian; Belkhatir, Mohammed $Other$Other; M. Alhashmi, Saadat $Other$Other
2022-12-22Health Consequences of University Employees Post-COVID-19 Vaccination at Palestinian UniversitiesShouli, Mustafa$Other$Palestinian; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Shouli, Khaila$Other$Palestinian; Issa, Bilal$Other$Palestinian; Khraiwesh, Ibrahim$Other$Palestinian
2021-05-20Health-Promoting Behaviors among Nursing Students: Palestinian PerspectiveAyed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Batran, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; fashafsheh, Imad$AAUP$Palestinian; Salameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Ghabeesh, Suhair$AAUP$Palestinian; Hala
2022-06-12Health-promoting behaviors among patients with coronary artery disease in PalestineAl-Aqtam, Ibrahim$Other$Palestinian; Darawad, Muhammad$Other$Other; Alshraideh, Jafar$Other$Other; Nabolsi, Manar$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-06-21Health-related physical fitness and its relationship to the level of academic achievement among a sample of secondary school students in the city of AmmanA'mir, Omar$Other$Other; Almobasher, Zakaria$Other$Other; Abbas, Islam$AAUP$Palestinian
2011Heat treatment effects on the structural and electrical properties of thermally deposited AgIn5S8 thin filmsA. F Qasrawi; kayed, t. s.$Other$Other; ercan, filiz$Other$Other
2018Hepatotoxicity associated with piroxicam therapyomar rashid sadeq
2011Herbal medicinebashar saad; omar said
2011Herbal Remedies: Use and Demographic and Regulatory Issuesbashar saad; omar said
2023-06-05High‑performance n – Si/p – SeO2 /p – SiO2 heterojunction photodetectors for potential application in visible light communication technologyQasrawi, A. F. $AAUP$Palestinian; Alharbi, Seham$Other$Other; Algarni, Sabah$AAUP$Other
2011History of Greco?Arab and Islamic Medicinebashar saad; omar said
2009Hole-polar phonon interaction scattering mobility in chain structured TlSe0.75S0.25 crystalsA. F Qasrawi; gasanly, n. m.$Other$Other
2008Hopping conduction in Ga4Se3S layered single crystalsA. F Qasrawi; n. m.gasanly
2011Hosts with Any Network Connectivity Using "Bump-in-the-API"(BIA)hamarsheh a.; goossens m.
2020-08-25Hot aluminum substrate induced hexagonal‐tetragonal phase transitions in InSe and performance of Al/InSe/Cu2O pn tunneling devicesQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Kmail, Reham $AAUP$Palestinian
2020-12How Does Case-Based Learning Strategy Influence Nursing Students' Clinical Decision-Making Ability in Critical Care Nursing Education? An Integrative ReviewHammad, Bahaaeddin$AAUP$Palestinian; Khalaf, Inaam$Other$Other