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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016S.aureus and MRSA Nasal colonization and antibiotics susceptibility profile among nursing students of AAUJ exposed to hospital environment and none exposedwalaa hashem mubaslat; eithar hithnawii; isra maree; safa mhajneh; anwar mohannad; mohammad awwad
2020-01-16Samarium and yttrium doping induced phase transitions and their effects on the structural, optical and electrical properties of Nd2Sn2O7 ceramicsA. F Qasrawi; Saleh, Adli; Khanfar, Hazem; Hamamreh, Hanan; Yumusak
2008Sample-Based Texture Synthesismuath sabha
2023-10-31A Scalable Interconnection Scheme in Many-Core SystemsAbumwais, Allam$AAUP$Palestinian; Eleyat, Mujahed$AAUP$Palestinian
2003Scaling Behavior and Estimation of activation Energy of polycrystalline RuSr2GdCu2O8 Superconductor from AC Susceptibility Measurements. J.abu-samreh; m. m; saleh; a. m
2018Scheduling Of Concurrent Transactions in Broadcasting Environmentahmad al-qerem; ala hamarsheh; yaser a. al-lahham; mujahed eleyat
2021-09-30School Students’ Physical Activity: Physical Activity and Its Contributing Factors in Young PeopleAlkhawaldeh, Abdullah$Other$Other; Al Omari, Omar$Other$Other; Al Bashtawy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Khatatbeh, Moawiah$Other$Other; Suliman, Mohammad $Other$Other; Abdalrahim, Asem$Other$Other; Qaddumi, Jamal$Other$Palestinian; Ibnian, Ali$Other$Other; Al Bashtawy, Bayan$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-08-24School University Consortium Using Social Media to Enhance Student Prospective and Academic PerformanceEleyan, Derar $Other$Palestinian; Sabha, Muath$AAUP$Palestinian; Eleyan, Amna$AAUP$Palestinian
2011Science, Technology and Society (STS) Elements Inventory for Palestinian Societymarwan m.a. abualrob
2011Science, Technology and Society (STS) Elements Inventory for Palestinian Societymarwan m.a. abualrob
2018Sclerotinia sclerotiorumالفعالية التثبيطية لمستخلصات ثلاث نباتات طبية ومساحيقها ضد الفطرابراهيم الجالي, زهرة$Other$Other; محمد ادريس هيبه, نسرين$Other$Other
2014Scope of Using Treated Olive Mill Wastewater in Tomato Productionhazem sawalha; orwa houshia; anan hussein; q. mahariq; a. khader
2023-12Selecting Optimal K for K-Means in image processing using GLCMSabha, Muath$AAUP$Palestinian; Saffarini, Muhammed$AAUP$Palestinian
1986Selective Spectrophotometric Determination of Pd(II) with 2-(5-Bromo-2-Pyridylaz¬o)-5--diethylaminophenolali z. abu zuhri; b. shraydeh; j. shalabi
1984Selective Spectrophotometric Determination of Th(IV) with 2- 2-(5-Bromo-2-Pyridylazo)-5-diethylaminophenolali z. abu zuhri
2023-06-06Selenium oxide based laser sensors designed for optoelectronic applicationsQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Alharbi, Seham$Other$Other; Algarni, Sabah$Other$Other
1996Selenium status of healthy Turkish childrenk. mengubas, $Other$Other; n. diab; i. gokmen, $Other$Other; o. ataman, $Other$Other; a. cavdar, $Other$Other; s. cin, $Other$Other
1992Selenium status of normal Turkish childrenk. mengubas, $Other$Other; i. gokmen, $Other$Other; n. diab, $AAUP$Palestinian; o. cavdar, $Other$Other
2011Semantic E-Government web formamjad rattrout; rushdi salah aldeen; hassan badir
2020-12-30Semantic Graph based Term Expansion for Sentence-Level Sentiment AnalysisMaree, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; Eleyat, Mujahed $AAUP$Palestinian