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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-25T- and Cascaded Pi-Shaped 1H T/R Switches with Realistic Trace Width for 7 Tesla MRI"Salama, Sanaa$AAUP$Palestinian; Abuelhaija, Ashraf$Other$Other; Saleh, Gameel$Other$Other; Issa, Samer$Other$Other
2023-04-11Tawfik Canaan: A Pioneer Leishmaniologist from PalestineAl-Jawabreh, Amer$AAUP$Palestinian
2004Taxation Conflictsharif m abu karsh
2012Teachers’ Perceptions About the STS Teaching and Learning Materialsmarwan m. a. abualrob
2019-07-03Technologization of Discourse: Technologization of American Foreign Policy Discourse in the Middle East in President Donald Trump’s Selected Speechesyaseen, aysar$AAUP$Palestinian; perry, lucy$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-12-26Technology-Profitability Paradox in Banking sector: Evidence of PalestineAbusharbeh, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian
2005-10Temperature and magnetic field effects on the carrier density and Hall mobility of boron-doped Tl-Ba-Ca-Cu-O superconductorA. F Qasrawi
2007Temperature dependence of the band gap, refractive index and single-oscillator parameters of amorphous indium selenide thin filmsA. F Qasrawi
2006Temperature dependence of the direct allowed transitions band gap and optical constants of polycrystalline alpha-In2Se3 thin filmsA. F Qasrawi
2016Temperature dependent conduction in In2Se3 polycrystalline filmsA. F Qasrawi; a. saleh; ansam m. alsabe
2016Temperature dependent conduction In2Se3 polycrystalline filmsA. F Qasrawi; adli a. saleh; ansam m. alsabi
2005Temperature effect on dark electrical conductivity, Hall coefficient, space charge limited current and photoconductivity of TlGaS2 single crystalsA. F Qasrawi; gasanly, nm$Other$Other
2011Temperature effects on the optoelectronic properties of AgIn5S8 thin filmsA. F Qasrawi
2016Temperature effects on the physical parameters of Yb/MgO/C MSM devicesm. abusaa; sundos k. m. kabaha, $Other$Palestinian; hazem k. khanfar
1999Temperature effects on the properties of Ge thin filmsA. F Qasrawi; i.gunal
2017Temperature effects on the structural and optical properties and dielectric dispersion in the TlInSe2xS2(1-x) mixed crystals (x=0.3)A. F Qasrawi; a. omar; n. m. gasanly
2017Temperature effects on the structural and optical properties of the TlInSe2xS2(1_x0001_x) mixed crystals (x ¼ 0:3)A. F Qasrawi; a. omar; n.m. gasanly
2009Temperature- and photo-excitation effects on the electrical properties of Tl4Se3S crystalsA. F Qasrawi; n. m.gasanly
2012-07-15Temperature-dependent capacitance-voltage biasing of the highly tunable TlGaTe2 crystalsA. F Qasrawi; gasanly, n. m.$Other$Other
2018Temperature-dependent structural transition, electronic properties and impedance spectroscopy analysis of Tl2InGaS4 crystals grown by the Bridgman methodA. F Qasrawi; qotaibah a.alkarem; n.m.gasanly