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Title: Temperature dependence of the band gap, refractive index and single-oscillator parameters of amorphous indium selenide thin films
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
Keywords: thin films
band gap
optical properties
refractive index
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Volume 29, Issue 12, August 2007, Pages 1751-1755
Abstract: InSe thin films are obtained by evaporating InSe crystal onto ultrasonically cleaned glass substrates under pressure of similar to 10(-5) Torr. The structural and compositional analysis revealed that these films are of amorphous nature and are atomically composed of similar to 51% In and similar to 49% Se. The reflectance and transmittance of the films are measured at various temperatures (300-450 K) in the incident photon energy range of 1.1-2.1 eV. The direct allowed transitions band gap - calculated at various temperatures - show a linear dependence on temperature. The absolute zero value band gap and the rate of change of the band gap with temperature are found to be (1.62 +/- 0.01) eV and -(4.27 +/- 0.02) x 10(-4) eV/K, respectively. The room temperature refractive index is estimated from the transmittance spectrum. The later analysis allowed the identification of the static refractive index, static dielectric constant, oscillator strength and oscillator energy. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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