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Title: Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise on Anxiety among Nursing Students in Pediatric Clinical Training
Authors: Toqan
Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian
Alhalaiqa, Fadwa$Other$Other
Alfuqaha, Othman $Other$Other
ALBashtawy, Mohammed $Other$Other
Keywords: anxiety
clinical setting
nursing students
Issue Date: Apr-2022
Publisher: sage
Abstract: Introduction: Pediatric nursing students are expected to work hard to help children realize their full potential by giving care, knowing their growth process, and being responsive to their needs. Students should be able to communicate effectively and solve problems. Nurses who care for pediatric patients experience compassion fatigue as well as moderate to severe levels of work-related stress. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of progressive muscle relaxation exercise on anxiety among nursing students during pediatric nursing clinical training. Methods: A quasi-experimental, pre-post study was conducted in the faculty of nursing at the Arab American University/Palestine. The sample of the study consists of 60 nursing students enrolled in the pediatric nursing course were selected through convenience sampling. This study was conducted on one group of nursing students that received Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation exercise for five consecutive days per week for two weeks before entering the clinical environment. The S-anxiety scale (STAI Form Y-1) was applied to collect data before and after the intervention. Results: The magnitude of anxiety after the progressive muscle relaxation exercise was greater reduced than before(t (59) =21.1, P < 0.05). There was less anxiety post the program (M =1.34 ±0.36) than pre- program (M =2.83±0.35). Conclusion: The study findings indicated the positive influence of progressive muscle relaxation exercise on nursing students’ anxiety levels in pediatric clinical settings. As a result, it is recommended that teaching programs on this approach be conducted for nursing students at nursing schools prior to the commencement of pediatric clinical practice in order to lessen anxiety
ISSN: 2377-9608
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