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Title: Exploring the Work Related Stress Sources and Its Effect among the Palestinian Nurses at the Governmental Hospitals
Authors: Ayed, Ahmad
faeda eqtait
imad fashafsheh
Keywords: work related stress
intensive care unit
neonatal unit
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Journal of Education and Practice
Abstract: Background: Nursing is a highly stressful occupation. Nurses are particularly at risk from stress-related problems, with high rates of turnover, absenteeism, and burnout. At the same time, it should be noted that stress is unavoidable and may even be desirable to a certain degree. At moderate levels, stress is a motivator and improves a worker's participation in his or her job. However, when stress becomes excessive, it may become distracting, de-motivating, and even hazardous. Aim of the Study: The study aimed to explore the work related stress sources and its effects on the physical and mental health among Palestinian nurses working at intensive care units and neonatal units at ministry of health hospitals Rafedia, Thabet Thabet, and Khalil Solaiman hospitals at North West Bank Cities. Design: Descriptive, cross sectional design utilized in the current study. Sample: 82 Palestinian nurses were included and working in the 3 hospitals affiliated to ministry of health. Procedure: Data collected through nurses’ socio-demographic characteristic, work related stress, physical and mental health problems Scale which is developed by the researchers. Validity and pilot study were examined . Results: Study results have shown that the most common type of work-related stress for Palestinian nurses was due to dealing with death and dying followed by workload. Nearly half of nurses were suffering from physical and mental illnesses. Our study proved a highly statistically significant relation between mental problems and working stress and statistically significant relation between working stress, physical problems. Conclusion and recommendation: Work related stress affect physical and mental health of Palestinian nurses, so they need to provide continued administrative support, appropriate training programs to deal with potentially stressful conditions in the health facility.
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