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Title: Some Arylidene-2-Pyridythydrazone Derivatives as Reagents For Spectrophotometric Determination Of Palladium(II)
Authors: ali z. abu zuhri
n. zatar
m. abu eid
f. mahmoud
Keywords: Palladium (II)
Spectrophotometric Determination.
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: Analytical Letters
Abstract: A method for spectrophotometric determination of palladium by complexation with Arylidene-2-pyridylhydrazone derivatives in 50% (V/V) ethanolic solution are described-Pd(II) forms a 1:1 complex with the reagents. Beer's law is obeyed over the range 0.2-6.5 ?g ml?1. The effect of pH, effect of excess reagent, stability of complexes as well as the tolerance amount of many metal ions have been reported. The method is applied, with fair accuracy, to the determination of pd(II) in synthetic solutions.
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