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Title: Intelligent Web system: Using Intelligent Web Agents To Achieve a Self-Organized System
Authors: amjad rattrout
taroub issa
hassan badir
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: The Research Bulletin of Jordan ACM-ISWSA
Abstract: The Web is a major source of accurate information for users. It is a dynamic environment that is changing all the time .It consists of three dynamic components: Content, Link and Usage. These components are the goal of web search engine researchers. For search engines to do their job properly, they must pass through many steps: crawling, indexing, retrieving and ranking. Unfortunately, recent search engines suffer from a serious problem, that is: they can't keep up with this dynamic environment of the Web. Their indexes are not updated frequently. This paper presents a model that uses Ants to analysis the content of Web Space and Usage Space to achieve a well organized Web. The Content Space and the Usage Space is the field of our research. We will simulate this environment using Multi Agents System and Complex Adaptive System.
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