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dc.contributor.authorhassan badir
dc.description.abstractWe propose a software layer called GUEDOS-DB upon Object-Relational Database Management System ORDMS. In this work we apply it in Molecular Biology, more precisely Organelle complete genome. We aim to offer biologists the possibility to access in a unified way information spread among heterogeneous genome databanks. In this paper, the goal is firstly, to provide a visual schema graph through a number of illustrative examples. The adopted, human-computer interaction technique in this visual designing and querying makes very easy for biologists to formulate database queries compared with linear textual query representation.
dc.publisherInternational Journals of Biometric and Bioinformatics (IJBB)
dc.subjectGraphical User Interface
dc.subjectComplex Object
dc.titleA Consistent & Efficient Graphical User Interface Design and Querying Organelle Genome“GUEDOS”
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