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Title: Involutions and Generalized Centrosymmetric and Skew-centrosymmetric Matrices
Authors: iyad t. abu-jeib
Keywords: involutory matrix
generalized skew-centrosymmetric
generalized centrosymmetric
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Can. Appl. Math. Q.
Abstract: We present new results and simple short proofs for known theorems about generalized centrosymmetric matrices and generalized skew-centrosymmetric (centroskew) matrices. We also make a comparison between the identity matrix and a nontrivial involutory matrix $K$ by studying the eigensystem of $K+M$, where $M$ is a structured matrix, with the goal of expressing this system entirely in terms of the corresponding eigensystem of $M$. Also, properties of some parametric families of the form $K+\rho M$ are studied.
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