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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-10-27A Coupled Statistical/Semantic Framework for Merging Heterogeneous Domain-Specific Ontologiesmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; belkhatir, mohammed$Other$Other
2013-01-18Coupling semantic and statistical techniques for dynamically enriching web ontologiesmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; belkhatir, mohammed$Other$Other
2018-12-31Experimental Evaluation of Query Reformulation Techniques in the Context of Medical Information Retrievalmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; noor, isra$AAUP$Palestinian; rabayah, khalid$AAUP$Palestinian
2019-08-09Gender-based Insights into the Fundamental Diagram of Pedestrian Dynamicssubaih, rudina $AAUP$Palestinian; maree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; chraibi, mohcine $Other$Other; awad, sami $AAUP$Palestinian; zanoon, tareq$AAUP$Palestinian
2011-09-14General-Purpose Ontology Enrichment from the WWWmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; belkhatir, mohammed$Other$Other; m. alhashmi, saadat$Other$Other
2018-06An IoT based monitoring and controlling system for water chlorination treatmentzidan, nael$AAUP$Palestinian; maree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; samhan, subhi$Other$Other
2010-12-01Multi-search: A Meta-search Engine Based On Multiple Ontologiesmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; m. alhashmi, saadat$Other$Other; belkhatir, mohammed$Other$Other; hidayat, hidayat$Other$Other; tahayna, bashar$Other$Other
2011-09-14QuerySem: Deriving Query Semantics Based on Multiple Ontologiesmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; m. alhashmi, saadat$Other$Other; mohammed, belkhatir$Other$Other
2011-11-04Towards Improving Meta-Search through Exploiting an Integrated Search Modelmaree, mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; m. alhashmi, saadat$Other$Other; belkhatir, mohammed $Other$Other