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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-11Cancer pain management program: Patients' experiences–A qualitative studyAyed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Alsaraireh, Mahmoud$Other$Other; ALBashtawy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Abdalrahim, Asem$Other$Other; Alkhawaldeh, Abdullah$Other$Other; Khatatbeh, Moawiah$Other$Other; Jamal, Qaddumi$Other$Palestinian; Zaid, ALBashtawy $Other$Other; Ali, Ibnian$Other$Other; Mohammad, Suliman $Other$Other; Nisser, Alhroub$Other$Other
2023-07-19Knowledge and Compliance With Standard Precautions Among NursesGhabayen, Fares$Other$Other; ALBashtawy, Mohammed $Other$Other; Abdelkader, Raghad$Other$Other; Jarrah, Samiha$Other$Other; Eshah, Nidal$Other$Other; Abdalrahim, Asem$Other$Other; Saifan, Ahmad$Other$Other; Alkhawaldeh, Abdullah$Other$Other; Rayan, Ahmad$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Amer, Rasmieh$Other$Other
2023-07-23A phenomenological study of the lived experiences of elderly individuals with chronic woundsAbdalrahim, Asem$Other$Other; Alkhawaldeh, abdullah$Other$Other; ALBashtawy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Mohammad, Khitam$Other$Other; Al-Amer, Rasmieh$Other$Other; Al Omari, Omar$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Dwaikat, Tariq$Other$Other; Oweidat, Islam$Other$Other; Khatatbeh, Haitham$Other$Other; Alsaraireh, Mahmoud$Other$Other; ALbashtawy, Sa’ad$Other$Other; Al Dameery, Kholoud$Other$Other
2023-05-25Psychological Reactions of Lebanese Nurses to Workplace Violence in Critical Care UnitsMorra, Sana$Other$Other; Fawaz, Mirna$Other$Other; Rayan, Ahmad$Other$Other; Malak, Malakeh$Other$Other; Abdalrahim, Asem$Other$Other; Al-Amer, Rasmieh$Other$Other; Al Omari, Omar$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Dwaikat, Tariq$Other$Other; Ayasreh, Ibrahim$Other$Other; Al-Osoufe, Laith$Other$Other; Mohammad, Khitam $Other$Other; Alhroub, Nisser$Other$Other; ALBashtawy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Alkhawaldeh, Abdullah$Other$Other
2021-09-30School Students’ Physical Activity: Physical Activity and Its Contributing Factors in Young PeopleAlkhawaldeh, Abdullah$Other$Other; Al Omari, Omar$Other$Other; Al Bashtawy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Khatatbeh, Moawiah$Other$Other; Suliman, Mohammad $Other$Other; Abdalrahim, Asem$Other$Other; Qaddumi, Jamal$Other$Palestinian; Ibnian, Ali$Other$Other; Al Bashtawy, Bayan$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian