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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-09Anti-Struvite, Antimicrobial, and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Saussurea costus (Falc) Lipsch AsteraceaeMammate, Naima$Other$Other; El oumari, Fatima Ezzahra $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Belchkar, Salim $Other$Other; Benjelloun Touimi, Ghita $Other$Other; Al-Zharani, Mohammed $Other$Other; A. Rudayni, Hassan$Other$Other; Ahmed Qurtam, Ashraf $Other$Other; S. Aleissa, Mohammed$Other$Other; A. Nasr, Fahd$Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar$Other$Other; Sqalli Houssaini, Tarik $Other$Other
2022-07-11Anti-Urolithiatic Activity of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts from Saussurea costus (Falc) Lispich Using Scanning Electron MicroscopyMammate, Naima $Other$Other; El oumari, Fatima Ezzahra $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Belchkar, Salim $Other$Other; Lahrichi, Anissa $Other$Other; S. Aliqahtani, Ali$Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar$Other$Other; Tarayrah, Mahmoud $Other$Other; Sqalli Houssaini, Tarik $Other$Other
2023-01-31Phytochemical Compounds, Acute Toxicity, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Thymus leptobotrys Murb Essential OilOubihi, Asmaa$Other$Other; Ballaoui, Fatima Zahrae $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Jaber, Hassna$Other$Other; Ettouil, Abdessamad $Other$Other; Haida, Sara$Other$Other; Ouhssine, Mohammed$Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar$Other$Other; A. Mothana, Ramzi$Other$Other; Tarayrah, Mahmoud $Other$Other; Guessous, Zineb $Other$Other
2023-02-13QSAR, ADME-Tox, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations of novel selective glycine transporter type 1 inhibitors with memory enhancing propertiesEl fadili, Mohamed$Other$Other; Er-rajy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada$AAUP$Palestinian; M. Noman, Omar$Other$Other; A. Mothana, Ramzi $Other$Other; Abdullah, Sheaf $Other$Other; Zerougui, Sara$Other$Other; Elhallaoui, Menana $Other$Other