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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-02-02The Anti-urolithiatic effect of the roots of Saussurea costus (falc) Lipsch agonist ethylene glycol and magnesium oxide induced urolithiasis in ratsMammate, Naima$Other$Other; El Oumari, Fatima Ezzahra $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Belchkar, Salim $Other$Other; A. Mothana, Ramzi $Other$Other; E.L. Fatemi, Hinde $Other$Other; Danouche, Mohammed $Other$Other; Er-rahmani, Sara $Other$Other; Boucetta, Nabil $Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar $Other$Other; Mahmoud, Tarayrah$Other$Other; Sqalli Houssaini, Tarik $Other$Other
2024-02-21Chemical Composition, Antioxidant Potential and Antibacterial Activity of Pistacia atlantica Desf. Essential Oil Leaves, with A Focus on Variations in The Main Trunk DiameterElmakaoui, Abdellah $Other$Other; Damour, Houda $Other$Other; Bourais, Ilhame $Other$Other; Badaoui, Bouabid $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; El kabous, Karima $Other$Other; Oubihi, Asmaa$Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar $Other$Other; Tarayrah, Mahmoud $Other$Other; El hajjaji, Souad $Other$Other
2022-07-15Chemical Composition, Antioxidant Potentials, and Calcium Oxalate Anticrystallization Activity of Polyphenol and Saponin Fractions from Argania spinosa L. Press CakeEl oumari, Fatima Ezzahra $Other$Other; Mammate, Naima $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Lahrichi, Anissa $Other$Other; Elhabbani, Radouane $Other$Other; El mouhri, Ghita$Other$Other; S. Alqahtani, Ali$Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar $Other$Other; N. Ibrahim, Mansour $Other$Other; Grafov, Andriy $Other$Other; Bousta, Dalila $Other$Other; Sqalli Houssaini, Tarik $Other$Other
2021-10-31Citrus Flavanone Narirutin, In Vitro and In Silico Mechanistic Antidiabetic PotentialQurtam, Ashraf Ahmed $Other$Other; Mechchate, Hamza $Other$Other; Es-safi, Imane $Other$Other; Al-zharani, Mohammed $Other$Other; A. Nasr, Fahd $Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar $Other$Other; Aleissa, Mohammed $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada$AAUP$Palestinian; M. Aleissa, Abdulmalik $Other$Other; Bouhrim, Mohamed $Other$Other; S. Alqahtani, Ali$Other$Other
2021-07-29Determination of Phenolic Compounds in Various Propolis Samples Collected from an African and an Asian Region and Their Impact on Antioxidant and Antibacterial ActivitiesTouzani, Soumaya $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada$AAUP$Palestinian; Katekhaye, Shankar $Other$Other; Mechchate, Hamza $Other$Other; Ouassou, Hayat $Other$Other; S. Alqahtani, Ali $Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar $Other$Other; A. Nasr, Fahd $Other$Other; Fearnley, Hugo $Other$Other; Fearnley, James $Other$Other; Paradkar, Anant $Other$Other; ElArabi, Ilham$Other$Other; Lyoussi, Badiaa $Other$Other
2023-12-12QSAR modelling, molecular docking, molecular dynamic and ADMET prediction of pyrrolopyrimidine derivatives as novel Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitorsAloui, Mourad $Other$Other; Er-rajy, Mohammed $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Goudzal, Amina $Other$Other; Zarougui, Sara $Other$Other; El fadili, Mohamed $Other$Other; E. Arthur, David $Other$Other; A. Mothana, Ramzi $Other$Other; M. Noman, Omar $Other$Other; Tarayrah, Mahmoud $Other$Other; Menana, Elhalaoui $Other$Other