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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Biological Effect of Static Magnetic Field on Peripheral Blood Leukocytesabu-samreh; m. m
2004Critical Thinkingabu-samreh; m. m
2004Critical Thinkingabu-samreh; m. m
2001Dynamic Viscosity of Fermi Liquidsabu-samreh; m. m
2006Gamma Radiation Measurement and Dose Rates of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Samples from Hebron Province Geological Rocksabu-samreh; m. m
2005Indoor Radon Concentration Measurements During Summer Season of Year 2000 in Some Houses and Schools of the Western Part of Yatta Cityabu-samreh; m. m
2004Measurements of Gamma Ray Enviromental Dose Rates in some Houses located in the Western Zone of Yatta City During the year 2001abu-samreh; m. m
2009Modern Trends in Logical thinking, the 16th meeting of Al-Quds University Association of Councilsabu-samreh; m. m.
2002Non-Linear Temperature Variation of Shear Viscosity of High-Tc Superconductorsabu-samreh; m. m
2002Relaxation Rates of Three Dimensional Fermi Gas in an Applied magnetic Fieldabu-samreh; m. m
2003Scaling Behavior and Estimation of activation Energy of polycrystalline RuSr2GdCu2O8 Superconductor from AC Susceptibility Measurements. J.abu-samreh; m. m; saleh; a. m
2004Thermal Diffusivity Measurements of Silicon by Photothermal Microscopy, Dirasatabu-samreh; m. m
2002Transport Model for Investigating electrical properties of MIM Electroformed Thin Filmsabu-samreh; m. m
2002Viscous Flow in Al-doped YBCO Laser Ablated Superconducting Thin Filmsabu-samreh; m. m