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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Accounting Gimmickszahran daraghma; suhiab jarrar
2015Cost Accounting for Healthcare Organizationsraed al-saad; zahran daraghma
2016Examining the Availability of the Required Controlling Procedures that Obstruct the Logical and Physical Access to AIS: the Case of the Listed Companies in the PEXzahran daraghma; suhiab jarrar
2018Expectation Gap in Applying the IAS 2 [Inventories]: Evidence from Palestinezahran daraghma
2016Exploring Economy Dependence in the Middle East Using Governmental Accounting Indicators: The Case of Palestine, Jordan & Israelzahran daraghma; raed iriqat
2004Factors Affecting the Usefulness of Cash Flows and Earnings in Explaining Security Returns: Empirical Evidence from Jordanian boursezahran daraghma
2013Predicting the Future Accounting Earnings: Empirical Evidence from the Palestine Securities Exchangezahran daraghma
2019Should The Legal and Judicial System of Palestine Keep, Amend or Abolish Income Tax?zahran daraghma
2014The Impact of Firm's Size, and Firm's Debts Level on the Debt and Profitability Relationship of the Industrial Listed Companies in the Palestine Securities Exchangezahran daraghma
2016The Impact of Working Capital Efficiency on Stock Returns: Evidence from Palestine Exchangesharif m. abu kars; zahran daraghma
2004The Influence of Debt Structure on Relative and Incremental Information Content of Earnings and Dividends: Empirical Study, Amman Boursezahran daraghma
2008The Influence of Firm Growth, Size, and Financial Leverage on Information Content of Operating Cash Flows and Accounting Earnings: Evidence from Jordan: Industry Sectorzahran daraghma
2010The Relative and Incremental Information Content of Earnings and Operating Cash Flows: Empirical Evidence from Middle East, the Case of Palestinezahran daraghma
2016Using of the Balanced Scorecard for Performance Evaluation: Empirical Evidence from the Listed Corporations in the Palestine Exchange (PEX)raed saad; zahran daraghma