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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Polarographic Behaviour of 3-(2-Thiazolylazo)-2-diamminopyridine using D.C and D.P. Polarographyali z. abu zuhri; j.a. cox
1986Polarographic Behaviour of Cu(II) Complex With 3-(2-Thiazolylazo-2,6-diaminopy-ridine at DMEali z. abu zuhri
1991Polarographic behaviour of phenyl-2-picolylketone-2-pyridylhydrazone and its copper (II) complexesali z. abu zuhri; ali el-dissouky
1980Polarographic behaviour of some arylidene benzoic hydrazides in solutions of varying pH at the dropping mercury electrodey.m. temerk; ali z. abu zuhri
1985Polarography of Pyridine 2 aldehyde 2 Pyridylhydrazone in solutionos of varying pH at a DME. Effect of surface Active substanceali z. abu zuhri; j. shalabi
1979Polarography of salicylidenebenzohydrazide in solutions of varying pH at a dropping-mercury electrode: effect of hydrogen bondingy..m. temerk; i.m. issa; ali z. abu zuhri
2013-11Porcelain fracture of metal-ceramic tooth-supported and implant-supported restorations: A reviewrola m. shadid; nasrin r. sadaqah; layla abu-naba’a; wael m. al-omari
2010-01-29Porcelain fracture resistance of screw-retained, cement-retained, and screw-cement-retained implant-supported metal ceramic posterior crownsal-omari wm; shadid r; abu-naba'a l; el masoud b.
2019-12-24Port Decoupling vs Array Elements Decoupling for Tx/Rx System at 7-Tesla Magnetic Resonance ImagingAbuelhaija, Ashraf$Other$Other; Salama, Sanaa$AAUP$Palestinian; Baldawi, Tariq$Other$Other
2016Position of the Mental Foramen in a Northern Regional Palestinian Populationziyad kamal mohammad; rola shadid; abu-hussein muhamad; abu-hussein muhamad
2018Possible implications of a shunt surgery on a blind child’s academic and spatial orientation skills- A case reportwaleed jarjoura
2017Possible implications of a VP shunt surgery on a blind child's academic and spatial-perceptual skillsdr. waleed jarjoura
2018Possible implications of a VP shunt surgery on a blind child's academic and spatial-perceptual skills- A case studyjarjoura; waleed
2015-06Post annealing effects on the structural, compositional, optical and dielectric properties of Cd doped GaSe thin filmsA. F Qasrawi; al garni, s.e$Other$Other
2021-03-03The post-adoption behavior of internet banking users through the eyes of self-determination theory and expectation confirmation modeMansour, Majeed$AAUP$Palestinian
2016Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its Psychosocial Impacts on the Palestinian Childdr. wael abu-hassan
2021-04-01The Potential of Parsley Polyphenols and Their Antioxidant Capacity to Help in the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety: An In Vivo Subacute StudyEs-safi, Imane $Other$Other; Mechchate, Hamza $Other$Other; Amaghnouje, Amal$Other$Other; Al Kamaly, Omkulthom Mohamed $Other$Other; Jawhari, Fatima Zahra$Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada$AAUP$Palestinian; Grafov, Andriy $Other$Other; Bousta, Dalila $Other$Other
2024-02-13PPrevalence of Depression and Its Associated Factors Among Hemodialysis Patients in Hodeida City, YemenAlkubati, Sameer $Other$Other; Al-Sayaghi, Khaled $Other$Other; Salameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian; Halboup, Abdulsalam $Other$Other; Ahmed, Waled$Other$Other; Alkuwaisi, Mohannad $Other$Other; Zoromba, Mohamed $Other$Other
2009Practical Course of Plant Pathogenic Virusessawalha; h.
2013Predicting the Future Accounting Earnings: Empirical Evidence from the Palestine Securities Exchangezahran daraghma