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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Optical analysis of Ge/MgO and Ge/BN thin layers designed for terahertz applicationsA. F Qasrawi; al garni, s. e.$Other$Other
2022-05-12Optical and dielectric dispersion in the Ge/In2Se3/Ga2S3 interfacesQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Omareya, Olfat$AAUP$Palestinian
2021-12-19Optical and electrical dynamics at the In/CuSe interfacesQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Abu Gannam, Arwa$AAUP$Palestinian
2015Optical characterization of the MgO/InSe interfaceA. F Qasrawi; kayed, t. s.$Other$Other; a. elsayed, khaled$Other$Other
2016Optical conduction in amorphous GaSe thin filmsA. F Qasrawi; hazem. k.khanfar; renal r. n.kmail
2016Optical constants for non-crystalline Ti doped WO3 thin films deposited by sol-gel dip coatingA. F Qasrawi; manar shawahna; mohammaed suleiman; iyad saadeddin
2020-07-13Optical Dynamics at the Au/ZnPc InterfacesQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Zyoud, Hadeel$AAUP$Palestinian
2020-06-03Optical dynamics at the MoO3/ZnPc interfaces prepared for visible light communicationsKhanfar, H. K.$AAUP$Palestinian
2018Optical dynamics in the Ag/-Ga2S3 layer systemA. F Qasrawi; s.r.alharbi
2014Optical dynamics of MgO/Ga4Se3S interfaceA. F Qasrawi; abd-alrazq, mariam m.$AAUP$Palestinian; gasanly, n. m.$Other$Other
2016Optical interactions at the ZnSe nanolayers surfaceA. F Qasrawi; s. r. alharbi; maram f. taleb
2016Optical interactions in the InSe/CdSe interfaceA. F Qasrawi; s.rabbaa
2015Optical interactions in the InSe/CdSe interfaceA. F Qasrawi; s. rabbaa
2016Optical Properties of the GaS deposited onto Ytterbium substratesA. F Qasrawi; s. r. alharbi; eman o. nazzal
2016Optical properties of the ZnPC thin filmsA. F Qasrawi; m. m. abu samreh; mays a. h. abdalghafour
2007Optical properties of Tl2InGaS4 layered single crystalA. F Qasrawi; gasanly, n. m.$Other$Other
2006Optical properties of TlInS2 layered single crystals near the absorption edgeA. F Qasrawi; gasanly, n. m.$Other$Other
2020-11-11Optimal Energy Efficiency Based Power Adaptation for Downlink Multi-Cell Massive MIMO SystemsKhodamoradi, Vahid $Other$Other; Sali, Aduwati $Other$Other; Messadi, Oussama $Other$Other; Salah, Asem $AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Wani, Mohanad$Other$Other; Mohd Ali, Borhanuddin $Other$Other; Raja Abdullah, Raja Syamsul Azmir $Other$Other
2021-01Optimal Relay Selection Scheme with Multiantenna Power Beacon for Wireless-Powered Cooperation Communication NetworksMessadi, $Other$Other; Sali, Aduwati $Other$Other; Khodamoradi, Vahid $Other$Other; Salah, Asem$AAUP$Palestinian; Pan, Gaofeng $Other$Other; Hashim, Shaiful $Other$Other; K. Noordin, Nor$Other$Other