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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Combinatorial Microelectrochemistry Screening of Eectrocatalytic Properties of a Porphyrin Library for the Oxidation of NOvictoria ryabova, $Other$Other; thomas erichsen, $Other$Other; nizam diab; bernard speiser, $Other$Other; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2002Constant-Distance Mode SECM for the Visualization of Cell Metabolism Activitynizam diab; lusiana pitta, $Other$Other; albert schulte, $Other$Other; mathue etienne, $Other$Other; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2004Electrochemical Microsensors: Potential Tools for the Early Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseasesjoshua oni, $Other$Other; s. isik, $Other$Other; nizam diab; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2000Sequential Injection Stripping Analysis (SISA) of Nifuroxime Using DNA-modified Glassy Carbon Electrodesnizam diab; ali abuzuhri; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2007Electrochemical Sensors for Detection of Nitric Oxide in in the Vicinity of Living Cellsnizam diab; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2004Functionalised electrode array for the detection of nitric oxide released by endothelial cells using different NO-sensing chemistriesjoshua oni, $Other$Other; alain pailleret, $Other$Other; sonnur isik, $Other$Other; nizam diab; ina radtke, $Other$Other; rea bl?chl, $Other$Other; michael jackson, $Other$Other; fethi bedioui, $Other$Other; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2005Electrochemical nitric oxide sensor preparation: a comparison of two electrochemical methods of electrode surface modificationnizam diab; joshua oni, $Other$Other; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2013Visualization of Oxygen Consumption of Single Living Cells by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: The Influence of the Faradaic Tip Reactionmichaela nebel, $Other$Other; stefanie grützke, $Other$Other; nizam diab; albert schulte, $Other$Other; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2013Microelectrochemical visualization of oxygen consumption of single living cellsmichaela nebel, $Other$Other; stefanie grützke, $Other$Other; nizam diab; albert schulte, $Other$Other; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other
2001Electropolymerized manganese porphyrin/polypyrrole films as catalytic surfaces for the oxidation of nitric oxidenizam diab; wolfgang schuhmann, $Other$Other