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Title: Studying The Linear Complex Pt Symmetric Potential
Authors: Lombard, R.J.$Other$Other
Mezhoud, R.$Other$Other
Keywords: Airy function
Complex symmetric potential.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Journal of the Arab American University
Citation: Volume 5, Issue 1
Abstract: We investigate the spectrum of the linear complex PT symmetric potential V(x) = λ|x| + icx. Semi analytical solutions are given by using properties of the Airy functions. The numerical integration of the differential equation system is discussed. We show that the number of eigenstates with a real eigenvalue is limited, depending on the ratio c/λ and on the quantum number n, reflecting a spontaneous breaking of the PT symmetry. For the ground state ( n = 0), we conjecture the eigenvalue to be real whatever the value of c.
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