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Title: Inoculation of grass-cyclingcompost with n2-fixing bacteria
Authors: Taher Ben Mahmoud, Merfat $Other$Other
Ali Mohmmed Ferjani, Eman$Other$Other
F. Elalem, Marwa $Other$Other
Keywords: Inoculation
N2-fixing bacteria
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Journal of the Arab American University
Citation: Volume 4, Issue 1
Abstract: Inoculation of grass-cyclingcompost with N2-fixing bacteria may improve its quality by increasing total N and available P. Compost was inoculated with Azotobacter,Burkholderia and Azospirillum sp. each alone and all three together. Numbers of all N2-fixing bacteria in compost declined from an initial population of (5 x 105 cells/ g) during incubation. The population of Azotobacter declined to approximately (2 x 102cells/g) and the population of Burkholderia and Azospirillum declined to approximately (9 x103 and 4x 104 cells/ g) respectively, at day 40. Inoculation with N2-fixing bacteria increased acetylene reduction, total N by 5–15% and available P by 20–30% in comparison with the uninoculated control. Increasing the N content and P availability of compost increases its value and there may be additional benefits from providing N2-fixing bacteria.
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