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Title: Clinician’s Corner Tooth Transposition: The Clinical Features and Management A Case Report
Authors: Hussein, Emad$AAUP$Palestinian
Aksoy, Alev $Other$Other
Watted, Nezar$AAUP$Palestinian
Abu Mowais, Mahmoud$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: Tooth transposition
clinical management
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Journal of the Arab American University
Citation: Volume 2, Issue 2
Abstract: Tooth transposition is a rare developmental dental anomaly of unknown etiology. It exhibits a clinical challenge due to the presence of 2 teeth in a narrow buccolingual thickness of bone that had interchanged in position; care should be taken to avoid root proximity during movement of the transposed teeth during orthodontic treatment. The acceptance of tooth transposition could be considered the safest method of treatment on the root structure and the surrounding periodontium of the transposed teeth. Correction of tooth transposition could be tried in cases of maxillary lateral incisor canine transposition to avoid adverse effects on esthetics.
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