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Title: Broadband IR polarizing beam splitter using subwavelength-structured one-dimensional photonic-crystal layer embedded in high-index prism
Authors: Khanfar, H. K.$AAUP$Palestinian
Azzam, R. M. A.$Other$Other
Issue Date: 20-Sep-2009
Publisher: Applied Optics
Citation: 10.1364/AO.48.005121
Abstract: An iterative procedure for the design of a polarizing beam splitter (PBS) that uses a form-birefringent, subwavelength-structured, one-dimensional photonic-crystal layer (SWS 1-D PCL) embedded in a high-index cubical prism is presented. The PBS is based on index matching and total transmission for the p polarization and total internal reflection for the s polarization at the prism–PCL interface at 45° angle of incidence. A high extinction ratio in reflection (>50 dB) over the 4–12 μm IR spectral range is achieved using a SWS 1-D PCL of ZnTe embedded in a ZnS cube within an external field of view of ±6.6∘ and in the presence of grating filling factor errors of up to ±10%. Comparable results, but with wider field of view, are also obtained with a Ge PCL embedded in a Si prism.
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