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Title: Polarographic behaviour of phenyl-2-picolylketone-2-pyridylhydrazone and its copper (II) complexes
Authors: ali z. abu zuhri
ali el-dissouky
Keywords: phenyl-2-picolylketone-2-pyridylhydrazone
Cu(II) complexes
differential pulse polarography
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Microchimica Acta
Abstract: The polarographic behaviour of phenyl-2-picolylketone-2-pyridylhydrazone, PPKPyH, has been studied in aqueous-ethanol mixtures of different pH's using DC and DP polarographic method. In the pH range 3.7–6.2, the observed single irreversible reduction wave is assigned to the splitting of the N—N bond and reduction of C=N centre. In alkaline medium, a second wave appears at more negative potential due to the reduction of the phenyl-2-picolylketone which is formed from the hydrolysis of PPKPyH. The optimum conditions for the analytical determination of PPKPyH was reported. Differential pulse polarography have been used to elucidate the complexation reaction between PPKPyH and copper(II) in unbuffered solutions. Two complexes are formed with log ?1 = 4.42 and log ?2 = 8.87.
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