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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-26Excited State Dynamics of 6-Thioguaninefaady m. siouri; samuel boldissar, $Other$Other; jacob berenbeim, $Other$Other; mattanjah de vries, $Other$Other
2016Some psychological variables and their relationship with sporting achievement motivation for single games players at the University of Jordanhaifa jamhour
2017-02-02Direct Analysis of Xanthine Stimulants in Archeological Vessels by Laser Desorption Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionizationshawn c owens, $Other$Other; jacob berenbeim, $Other$Other; marshall ligare, $Other$Other; lisa e gulian, $Other$Other; faady m siouri; samuel boldissar, $Other$Other; stuart tyson-smith, $Other$Other; gregory daniel wislon, $Other$Other; anabel ford, $Other$Other; mattanjah s de vries, $Other$Other
2015-10-07Characterizing the dark state in thymine and uracil by double resonance spectroscopy and quantum computationmarshall ligare, $Other$Other; faady siouri, $AAUP$Palestinian; ota bludsky, $Other$Other; dana nachtigallova, $Other$Other; mattanjah s. de vries, $Other$Other
2016Physical activity level among people with disabilities in Palestine and its relationship to some psychological and health variableshaifa jamhour
2017-10-06Excited State Dynamics of Isocytosine; a Hybrid Case of Canonical Nucleobase Photodynamicsjacob berenbeim, $Other$Other; samuel boldissar, $Other$Other; faady siouri, $AAUP$Palestinian; gregory gate, $AAUP$Other; michael r. haggmark, $Other$Other; briana aboulache, $Other$Other; trevor cohen, $Other$Other; mattanjah de vries, $Other$Other
2002Centrosymmetric matrices: properties and an alternative approachiyad t. abu-jeib
2018أثر إدارة خبرة الزبون على الميزة التنافسية دراسة تطبيقية على قطاع الاتصالات في فلسطين The Impact of Customer Experience Management on the Competitive Advantage: An Applied study in the Palestinian Telecommunications Sectorخالد عطيه
2013Diglossia in Arabicemad abu -hasan; abbas masri
2014درجة تطبيق التخطيط الإستراتيجي في الجامعة العربية الأمريكية في فلسطين من وجهة نظر العاملينiyad dalbah