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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-11Assessing the Feasibility and Effects of Introducing the USA National Surgical Quality Improvement Program on Clinical Outcomes and Cost in Saudi Arabia: An Observational StudyNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Almutairi, Adel $Other$Other; Rashad, Massoud$Other$Other; Khaled, Al-Surimi$Other$Other; Boghdadly, Sami$Other$Other
2021-04-20Clinical characteristics of hospitalized COVID-19 infected patients in PalestineNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Sabbah, Ibrahim$AAUP$Palestinian; Awad, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian
2020-12-11COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on Population Mental HealthNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Elsous, Aymen$Other$Palestinian; Shaheen, Amira$Other$Palestinian; Teraoui, Hedia$Other$Other; Baloushah, Suha$Other$Palestinian; Mekious, Kahina$Other$Other; Radwan, Mahmoud$Other$Palestinian; Abu Rayya, Mohammad$Other$Palestinian
2022-05-23COVID-19 Routes of Transmission, Protection Aids, and Immunity Enhancement: Community-Based Online Knowledge Survey Among PalestiniansAllyan, Faten$Other$Palestinian; Najjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Agha, Hazem$Other$Palestinian; Masad, Atef$Other$Palestinian; Abu Mustafa, Ayman$Other$Palestinian; Khadoura, Khalid$Other$Palestinian
2021-10-01Determinants of adolescents’ perceptions on access to healthcare services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Jeeluna national survey findingsNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Saade, Mayssa$Other$Other; Abdalla, Sahar$Other$Other; AlBuhairan, Fadia$Other$Other
2021-01-01Electronic Surveillance System for COVID-19 Virus Management in Palestine: An Observational StudyNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Amro, Hamsa$Other$Palestinian; Moreb, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian
2020-12-22The Impact of a National Accreditation Program on Patient Safety Culture in a Tertiary Hospital: Pre-and Post-Evaluation StudyNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Surimi, Khaled$AAUP$Palestinian; Al Quidaihi, Abdulrazak $AAUP$Palestinian; Masuadi, Emad$AAUP$Palestinian
2019-10-14The Impact of Socio-Economic and Home Environmental Factors on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life Among Children Aged 11–14Najjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Nasim, Lubna Al-Nasser2,3and Emad Masuadi; Al-Nasser; Masuadi
2022-06-30National health workforce accreditation and regulation in Palestine: a qualitative assessmentMohammed AlKhaldi, $Other$Other; Najjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Al Basuoni, Aisha$Other$Palestinian; Abu Obaid, Hassan$Other$Palestinian; Mughnnamin, Ibrahim$Other$Palestinian; Falana, Hiba$Other$Palestinian; Sultan, Haya$Other$Palestinian; Hafez, Sali$Other$Other; Aljeesh, Yousef$Other$Palestinian
2022-01-19Obstetric Safety and Quality atIstishari Arab Hospital: Where Are We Now and How Can We ImproveAbd Alrhim, Raneem$Other$Palestinian; Najjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Smerat, Sami$Other$Palestinian
2021-01-17Patient Safety Culture in Emergency Departments of Yemeni Public Hospitals: A Survey StudyNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Alsabri, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; Abdalaziz, Mervat$AAUP$Palestinian; Al-Qadasi, Farouk Abdulrahman$AAUP$Palestinian; Zeeherah, Asma$AAUP$Palestinian; Ebo, Adekemi$AAUP$Palestinian; Ghafouri, Sayed$AAUP$Palestinian; Hassan, Adel$AAUP$Palestinian; Hamzah, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; Bellou, Abdelouahab$AAUP$Palestinian
2021-07-04Reasons for Increasing of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment In Palestine: Cross-sectional Study DesignNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Abulail, Noura$AAUP$Palestinian; Moreb, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian
2021-07Researchers’ Motivation and Its Correlates: An Empirical Study Amid COVID-19 Pandemic in Arab RegionH. Ebrahim, Ahmed$AAUP$Other; Helmy, Mai$AAUP$Other; Najjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Alhaj, Omar$AAUP$Other; Trabelsi, Khaled$AAUP$Other; AlRasheed, Maha$AAUP$Other; Jahrami, Haitham$AAUP$Other
2018-07-01Similarities and differences in the associations between patient safety culture dimensions and self-reported outcomes in two different cultural settings: a national cross-sectional study in Palestinian and Belgian hospitalsNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Baillien, Elfi$Other$Other; Vanhaecht, Kris$Other$Other; Hamdan, Motasem$Other$Other; Euwema, Martin$Other$Other; Vleugels, Arthur$Other$Other; Sermeus, Walter$Other$Other; Schrooten, Ward$Other$Other; Hellings, Johan$Other$Other; Vlayen, Annemie$Other$Other
2022-07-02Stakeholders’ Perception of the Palestinian Health Workforce Accreditation and Regulation System: A Focus on Conceptualization, Influencing Factors and Barriers, and the Way ForwardNajjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian; Hafez, Sali$Other$Other; Al Basuoni, Aisha$Other$Palestinian; Abu Obaid, Hassan$Other$Palestinian; Mughnnamin, Ibrahim$Other$Palestinian; Falana, Hiba$Other$Palestinian; Sultan, Haya$Other$Palestinian; Aljeesh, Yousef$Other$Palestinian; Alkhaldi, Mohammed$Other$Other