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Title: Reasons for Increasing of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment In Palestine: Cross-sectional Study Design
Authors: Najjar, Shahenaz$AAUP$Palestinian
Abulail, Noura$AAUP$Palestinian
Moreb, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: In vitro fertilization
Fertility factors
Psychological stress
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2021
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: N. Abulail, M. Moreb and S. Najjar, "Reasons for Increasing of In Vitro Fertilization Treatment In Palestine: Cross-sectional Study Design," 2021 International Congress of Advanced Technology and Engineering (ICOTEN), 2021, pp. 1-8, doi: 10.1109/ICOTEN52080.2021.9493561.
Abstract: In the last decade it has been observed that more Palestinian women have had In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment to have their babies than ever, however this study aims to identify major factors that influence the decision to have this treatment, evaluating public support for fertility treatment exist, This research connects the IVF patient information, and annual reports of ministry of health, data collected by questionnaire, that couples who undergo IVF asked to fill questionnaire bout their life style to modify Lifestyle factors effects on fertility (such as nutrition, the quality of drinking water, weight, exercise, psychological stress, environmental and occupational exposures, and some manners can have substantial; lifestyle factors such as cigarette smoking, and caffeine consumption). Data was analyzed using SPSS tools used to produce a descriptive tabulation of data obtaining variables which will be presented as frequency, percentage, and charts , and This study revealed that infertile women seeking treatment have unhealthy lifestyle that decrease chances of becoming pregnant.
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