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Title: Decatungstate photocatalyzed benzylation of alkenes by alkylaromatics
Authors: hisham qrareya, $AAUP$Other
davide ravelli, $Other$Other
maurizio fagnoni, $Other$Palestinian
angelo albini., $Other$Other
Keywords: benzylation; C_x0002_H bond activation; photocatalysis; polyoxometalates; radicals
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Adv. Synth. Catal.
Abstract: The direct benzylation of electrophilic alkenes with alkylbenzenes has been achieved by decatungstate photocatalysis in a high ionic strength medium (5:1 acetonitrile/water mixed solvents, 0.5M lithium perchlorate). The reaction has been extended to ring-substituted (Cl, F, CN) toluenes and further alkylbenzenes. Intramolecular selectivity (p-cymene, 4-methylanisole) and deuteration effects support the atom transfer character of the process that, however, requires a sufficient stabilization of the intermediate polar exciplex to occur. The reactivity of the decatungstate anion is compared with that of aromatic ketones, the benchmark of photochemical hydrogen/ electron transfer processes.
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