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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08-24School University Consortium Using Social Media to Enhance Student Prospective and Academic PerformanceEleyan, Derar $Other$Palestinian; Sabha, Muath$AAUP$Palestinian; Eleyan, Amna$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-10-17Traffic Estimation of Various Connected Vehicle Penetration Rates: Temporal Convolutional Network ApproachAshqar, Huthaifa$AAUP$Palestinian; Ashqer, Mujahid$Other$Palestinian; Elhenawy, Mohammed$Other$Other; Rakha, Hisham$Other$Other; Bikdash, Marwan$Other$Other
2023-10-10Investigation of reusability of effluents from an organized industrial zone wastewater treatment plant using a pressure-driven membrane processAshqar, Huthaifa$AAUP$Palestinian; Betül Ocal, Zehra$Other$Other; Karagunduz, Ahmet$Other$Other; Keskinler, Bulent$Other$Other; Dizge, Nadir$Other$Other
2023-10-18Unveiling the antibacterial and antioxidant potential of Hedera helix leaf extracts: recent findingsQabaha, Khaled$AAUP$Palestinian; Abbadi, Jehad$Other$Palestinian; Yaghmour, Reem$Other$Palestinian; Hijawi, Thameen$Other$Palestinian; Naser, Saleh$Other$Palestinian; Rimawi, Fuad$Other$Palestinian
2023-10-31Improving SLIC superpixel by color difference-based region mergingSabaneh, Kefaya$AAUP$Palestinian; Sabha, Muath$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-09-29Survey of road anomalies detection methodsSaffarini, Rasha$AAUP$Palestinian; Khamayseh, Faisal$Other$Palestinian; Awwad Daraghmi, Yousef$Other$Palestinian; Elyan, Derar$Other$Palestinian; Sabha, Muath$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-11-13How Thymoquinone from Nigella sativa Accelerates Wound Healing through Multiple Mechanisms and TargetsKmail, Abdalsalam$AAUP$Palestinian; Said, Omar$Other$Palestinian; Saad, Bashar$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-12Selecting Optimal K for K-Means in image processing using GLCMSabha, Muath$AAUP$Palestinian; Saffarini, Muhammed$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-10-24Evaluation of Clinical Competence and Job Satisfaction and Their Related Factors Among Emergency Nurses in Palestinian HospitalsSalameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian; Amarneh, Diya $Other$Palestinian; Abdallah, Jihad $Other$Palestinian; Ayed, Ahmad,$AAUP$Palestinian; Hammad, Bahaaeddin$AAUP$Palestinian
2023-11-06Enhancing pulmonary function and arterial blood gas readings through immediate chest physiotherapy among extubated patients in ICUReshia, Fadia $Other$Other; Salameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian; Alsadaan, Nourah $Other$Other; Alqahtani, Mohammed$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Kassabry, Maysa $AAUP$Palestinian; Abo Seada, Asmaa $Other$Other
2023-11-25Employment Recommendation System for Graduates Using Machine LearningZayed, Yara $AAUP$Palestinian; Salman, Yasmeen $AAUP$Palestinian; Awad, ,Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; Hasasneh, Ahmad $AAUP$Palestinian
2023-02-22TOWARDS A SMART ENVIRONMENT: OPTIMIZATION OF WLAN TECHNOLOGIES TO ENABLE CONCURRENT SMART SERVICESHamarsheh, Ala$AAUP$Palestinian; Mohd Ali, Ali$Other$Other; Alqeerm, Ahmad$Other$Other; M.R., Hassan$Other$Other; Al-Qawasmi, K.$Other$Other; Aljaidi, M.$Other$Other; Abu-Khadrah, A. $Other$Other; Kaiwartya, O.$Other$Other; Lloret, J.$Other$Other
2023-03-01USING CONSENSUS ALGORITHM FOR BLOCKCHAIN APPLICATION OF ROAMING SERVICES FOR MOBILE NETWORKHamarsheh, Ala$AAUP$Palestinian; Alqeerm, Ahmad $Other$Other; Mohd Ali, Ali$Other$Other; Alslman, Yasmeen $Other$Other; Alauthman, Mohammad$Other$Other
2023-10-20COMPARATIVE EVALUATION OF HOST-BASED TRANSLATOR MECHANISMS FOR IPV4-IPV6 COMMUNICATION PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS WITH DIFFERENT ROUTING PROTOCOLSHamarsheh, Ala$AAUP$Other; Alqeerm, Ahmad $Other$Other; Akour, Iman $Other$Other; Alauthman, Mohammad $Other$Other; Aldweesh, Amjad $Other$Other; Mohd Ali, Ali$Other$Other; Almomani, Ammar $Other$Other; Alangari, Someah $Other$Other
2023-09-01TRANSACTIONAL SERVICES FOR CONCURRENT MOBILE AGENTS OVER EDGE/CLOUD COMPUTING-ASSISTED SOCIAL INTERNET OF THINGSHamarsheh, Ala$AAUP$Palestinian; Alqeerm, Ahmad $Other$Other; Mohd Ali, Ali$Other$Other; Nashwan, Shadi$Other$Other; Alauthman, Mohammad$Other$Other; NABOT, AHMAD $Other$Other; JIBREEN, ISSAM $Other$Other
2023-10-10Assessing the Prevalence, Predictors, and Consequences of Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Emergency Nurses in Palestine During the COVID-19 PandemicSalameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian; Daibes, Abdalla $Other$Palestinian; Qaddumi, Jamal$Other$Palestinian
2023-11-02Growth and characterization of chromium selenide thin films for optoelectronic applicationsQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Alfhaid, Latifa$Other$Other; Aljaloud, Amjad$Other$Other
2023-09-29Intrinsic Néel Antiferromagnetic Multimeronic Spin Textures in Ultrathin FilmsAldarawshehs, Amal $Other$Other; Saleeermann, moritz$Other$Other; Abusaa, Muayad $AAUP$Palestinian; Lounis, Samir $Other$Other
2023-10-25Transforming legal text interactions: leveraging natural language processing and large language models for legal support in Palestinian cooperativesMaree, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; Al‑Qasem, Rabee $Other$Palestinian; Tantour
2023-10-02Iron selenide nanowire bundles for microwave communication technologyQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Toubasi, Ahmad J$AAUP$Palestinian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1642