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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-16Enhanced Optical and Electrical Interactions at the Pt/MgSe Interfaces Designed for 6G Communication TechnologyQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Algarni, Sabah$Other$Other; Khusayfan, Najla$Other$Other
2022-11-20Lead selenide microcrystals fabricated by the pulsed laser welding technique employed as 6G technology microwave resonators and as MOS capacitorsQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Hazem, Khanfar$AAUP$Palestinian; Manal M., Alkhamisi$Other$Other
2022-11-08Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise on Anxiety Among Male Nursing Students Undergoing Maternity Clinical TrainingToqan, Dalia$AAUP$Palestinian; Malakeh, Malak$Other$Other; Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian; Fashafsheh; Salameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian; Sarhan, Adnan$Other$Palestinian; Azizeh, Saed$Other$Other; Batran, Ahmad$Other$Palestinian
11-11-08SeO2 microwires designed as low temperature abrupt microelectronic switches, negative resistance and negative dielectric constant sourcesQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Gannam, Wala$AAUP$Palestinian
2022-10-28Ag/n-Si/p-MgSe/(Ag, C, Au, Pt) transistors designed as current rectifiers, photodetectors and as ac signal filters suitable for VLC, IR and 6G technologiesQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Amotiri, R A$Other$Other; Algarni, S E$Other$Other
2022-10-28Performance of the Barzilai-Borwein fixed-step optimization approach in non-invasive microwave imagingZanoon, Tareq$AAUP$Palestinian
2022-04Microwave 3D Imaging System Featuring the Phase Coherence Factor for Improved BeamformingRasappan, Rasammal$Other$Other; Anwar, Nik$Other$Other; Zanoon, Tareq$AAUP$Palestinian; Sew Sun, Tiang$Other$Other; Ain, Mohd. Fadzill$Other$Other; Abdullah, Mohd. Zaid$Other$Other
2023-03-01A hybrid composite features based sentence level sentiment analyzerMaree, Mohammed$AAUP$Palestinian; Eleyat, Mujahed$AAUP$Palestinian; Rabayah, Shatha $AAUP$Palestinian; Belkhatir, Mohammed $Other$Other
2013Radar Sensing Featuring Biconical Antenna and Enhanced Delay and Sum Algorithm For Early Stage Breast Cancer Detectionsew s. tiang; mohammed sadoon; tareq f. zanoon; mohd f. ain; mohd z. abdullah
2009Iterative and single-step solutions of multi-offset ultra wide band data in the time domainbinajjaj; s.; zanoon; t. f.; abdullah; m. z.
2022-08-02Insight into Membrane Stability and Physiological Responses of Selected Salt-Tolerant and Salt-Sensitive Cell Lines of Troyer Citrange (Citrus sinensis [L.] x Citrus trifoliata [L.] Raf.) under Salt StressElYacoubi, Houda $Other$Other; Mouhssine, Fatine$Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada $AAUP$Palestinian; Ouallal, Imane $Other$Other; Ech-cheddadi, Sara$Other$Other; Koutoua, Ayolié $Other$Other; Lagzouli, Mohamed $Other$Other; S. Alotaibi, Badriyah $Other$Other; Al kamaly, Omkulthom $Other$Other; Khalid Parvez, Mohammad $Other$Other; Rochdi, Atmane $Other$Other
2022-09-20Characterization of Various Honey Samples from Different Regions of Morocco Using Physicochemical Parameters, Minerals Content, Antioxidant Properties, and Honey-Specific Protein PatternLyoussi, Badiaa $Other$Other; Bakour, Meryem $Other$Other; El-Haskoury, Redouan $Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada$AAUP$Palestinian; Hano, Christophe $Other$Other; B ́ılikov ́a, Katar ́ına $Other$Other
2022-09-02Reproductive Biology of the Two Varieties of Anacyclus pyrethrum L.—Anacyclus pyrethrum var. pyrethrum (L.) Link and Anacyclus pyrethrum var. depressus (Ball.) Maire—An Endemic Endangered SpeciesJawhari, Fatima Zahra$Other$Other; Imtara, Hamada$AAUP$Palestinian; El Moussaoui, Abdelfattah$Other$Other; Khalis, Hind $Other$Other; Es-Safi, Imane $Other$Other; Al Kamaly, Omkulthom$Other$Other; Saleh, Asmaa $Other$Other; Khalid Parvez, Mohammad $Other$Other; Guemmouh, Raja $Other$Other; Bari, Amina $Other$Other
2022-06-10Immediate implant placement with socket shield technique in the maxilla: a prospective case series evaluation at 1‑year follow‑upShadid, Rola$AAUP$Palestinian
2022-09-05Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of oral cancer prevention among dental students and interns: an online cross‑sectional questionnaire in PalestineShadid, Rola$AAUP$Palestinian; Abu Ali, Mohammad Amid$AAUP$Palestinian; Kujan, Omar$Other$Other
2022-09-30Comparing Soil Erosion Rates on Terraced and Sloping Cultivated Land in Palestine Using FRN 137Cs Tracehoushia, orwa$AAUP$Palestinian; Benmansour, Moncef$Other$Other; Mabit, Lionel$Other$Other; Fulajtár, Emil$Other$Other; Abu-Jabal, Saber$Other$Other; Hroub, Ismail $Other$Other; Odeh, Rafat $Other$Other
2022-10-26Growth and Characterization of Vacuum Evaporated MgSe Thin FilmsQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Almotiri, Reim$Other$Palestinian; Algarni, Sabah$Other$Palestinian
2022-10-20Modeling of a Compact Dual Band and Flexible Elliptical-Shape Implantable Antenna in Multi-Layer Tissue ModelSalama, Sanaa$AAUP$Palestinian; Abuelhaija, Ashraf$Other$Other; Zyoud, Duaa$AAUP$Palestinian
2022-10-19Optoelectronic performance of Si/ MgSe heterojunctions as a visible light communication componentQasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian; Almotiri, R.A. $Other$Palestinian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1492