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Title: Refractive index, band gap and oscillator parameters of amorphous GaSe thin films
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
Keywords: GaSe
thin film
dielectric constant
energy gap
refractive index
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: Volume40, Issue6 June 2005 Pages 610-614
Abstract: GaSe thin films are obtained by evaporating GaSe crystals onto ultrasonically cleaned glass substrates kept at room temperature under a pressure of similar to 10(-5) Torr. The X-ray analysis revealed that these films are of amorphous nature. The reflectance and transmittance of the films are measured in the incident photon energy range of 1.1-3.0 eV. The absorption coefficient spectral analysis revealed the existence of long and wide band tails of the localized states in the low absorption region. The band tails width is calculated to be 0.42 eV. The analysis of the absorption coefficient in the high absorption region revealed an indirect forbidden band gap of 1.93 eV. The transmittance analysis in the incidence photon wavelength range of 500-1100 nm allowed the determination of refractive index as function of wave length. The refractive index-wavelength variation leads to the determination of dispersion and oscillator energies as 31.23 and 3.90 eV, respectively. The static refractive index and static dielectric constant were also calculated as a result of the later data and found to be 9.0 and 3.0, respectively.
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