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Title: Engineering the structural, optical and dielectric properties of ZnSe thin films via Aluminum nanosandwiching
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
m.alsabe, ansam$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: Aluminum -nanosandwiching
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Optik
Citation: Volume 198, December 2019, 163295
Abstract: In this work, two stacked layers of ZnSe thin films are nanosandwiched with aluminum slabs of variable thickness in the range of 10-100?nm. The films which are studied by the X-ray diffraction and ultra-violet visible light spectroscopy techniques exhibit interesting features presented by extension of the cubic lattice parameter, increase in the grain size and reduction in both of the microstrains and defect density. The Al nanosandwiching successfully engineered the energy band gap through narrowing it from 2.84 to 1.85?eV. In addition, the Al nanosandwiching is observed to form interbands that widens upon increasing the Al layer thickness. It also changed the electronic transition nature from direct allowed to direct forbidden type. Moreover, remarkable enhancement in the light absorbability by 796 times is observed near 1.72?eV for two stacked ZnSe layers nanosandwiched with Al slab of thickness of 100?nm. The dielectric constant is also increased three times and the dielectric tunability vary in the range of 3.0-1.2?eV. The nonlinearity in the dielectric spectra and the engineering of the band gap that become more pronounced in the presence of Al slabs make the ZnSe more attractive for nonlinear optical applications.
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