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Title: In Situ Observation of Heat-Assisted Hexagonal-Orthorhombic Phase Transitions in Se/Ag/Se Sandwiched Structures and Their Effects on Optical Properties
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
d aloushi, hadil$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: Selenium
thermal-assisted crystallization
optical properties
Issue Date: Dec-2019
Publisher: Journal of Electronic Materials
Citation: December 2019, Volume 48, Issue 12, pp 7906–7914
Abstract: In this work, two selenium layers of 500-nm thickness, nano-sandwiched with Ag nanosheets of 100-nm thickness (Se/Ag/Se), are subjected to in situ monitoring of the structural and optical transitions during heating over a temperature range of 303–473 K by x-ray diffraction and ultraviolet–visible light spectrophotometry, respectively. The Se/Ag/Se thin films are observed to exhibit a transformation from an amorphous to a polycrystalline phase at 343 K. Increasing the temperature above 363 K enhances the crystallinity of the hexagonal phase, reduces the microstrain, increases the crystallite size and reduces the defect density. Accordingly, the optical absorption spectra are redshifted upon heating. The redshift is accompanied by a transition in the energy band gap from 2.03 eV to 1.85 eV as the material structural phase is transformed from amorphous to polycrystalline. Increasing the temperature causes the energy band gap to shrink. Another permanent phase transformation from hexagonal to orthorhombic is detected when the Se/Ag/Se system is allowed to cool. Scanning electron microscopy images show that the phase transformation converts the grains of Se/Ag/Se films from wire-shaped to nanotubes. The second phase transformation causes a blueshift in the absorption coefficient spectra and increases the energy band gap. The structural and optical parameter enhancements achieved via heating render the Se thin films more suitable for optoelectronic applications.
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