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Title: Optical characterization of the MgO/InSe interface
Authors: A. F Qasrawi
kayed, t. s.$Other$Other
a. elsayed, khaled$Other$Other
Keywords: coatings
dielectric propertie
InSe interfaces
optical materials
terahertz devices
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Volume252, Issue3 March 2015 Pages 621-625
Abstract: In this work, a 500nm thick MgO layer deposited on the physically evaporated amorphous InSe thin film substrate is designed as a window for the MgO/InSe terahertz resonators. The optical properties including the reflectance and the dielectric constant dependence on the angle of incidence ((i)), the normal transmittance, and the absorption coefficient of the interface were investigated in the range of approximate to 270-1000THz. It was observed that the total reflectivity of the substrate continuously decreases with increasing (i) in the range of 33-80 degrees. The spectra of InSe and MgO/InSe revealed strong dielectric resonance patterns below 450THz. The energy bands of the direct allowed transitions in InSe film shrunk from 3.90, 2.75, and 1.49eV to 3.71, 2.10, and 0.96eV when MgO was deposited onto the InSe film. By analyzing the dielectric spectra, we were able to determine the static and lattice dielectric constants in addition to the oscillator and dispersion energies. The latter energy increased from 27.43 to 35.84 via interface construction.
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