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Title: Physica Scripta PAPER Nonlinear optical performance of CdO/InSe Interfaces
Authors: Qasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian
Algarni, Sabah$Other$Other
Keywords: CdO/InSe, band offset, nonlinear, drift mobility
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2020
Publisher: Physica Scripta,
Citation: Physica Scripta, Volume 95, Number 6 (065801)
Abstract: In this article, the growth nature, structural and optical properties of CdO/InSe interfaces are investigated. The CdO/InSe interfaces are prepared by the thermal vacuum deposition technique. Structurally, while the CdO exhibited cubic structure, the InSe layer was amorphous in nature. The morphological analyses have shown that the interface is composed of randomly distributed circular grains of average sizes of ~170 nm. The interfacing of the CdO and InSe resulted in enhancing the light absorbability of CdO by ~21 times in the IR range. It also showed well aligned conduction bands and valence band offset of 0.72 eV. The Drude-Lorentz modeling of the imaginary part of the dielectric spectra of the CdO/InSe interfaces has shown that the device is suitable for the fabrication of field effect transistors. The drift mobility of free carriers at the interface reached 42.27 ${{\rm{cm}}}^{2}/{\rm{Vs}}.$ In addition, a quality factor larger than 103 is achieved in the IR range indicating the suitability of these optical interfaces to store electromagnetic energy. These properties are important as they shows the applicability of the CdO/InSe interface in solar cells and optoelectronics as optical signal receivers or converters.
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