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Title: The effect of talent management and emotional intelligence on organizational performance: Applied study on pharmaceutical industry in Jordan
Authors: ayed al-qeed, marzouq$Other$Other
faisal al-azzam, zeyad$AAUP$Other
Atieh, khalid $AAUP$Palestinian
abdul halim khaddam amman arab university, amineh$Other$Other
Keywords: Talent Management; Emotional Intelligence; Performance; Pharmaceutical Industry; Jordan
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2018
Publisher: Journal of Business and Retail Management Research (JBRMR)
Abstract: Abstract This paper studies the impact of talent management on organizational performance in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies and evaluates the mediating role of emotional intelligence in the relationship between talent management and organizational performance. A survey was distributed among managers of pharmaceutical companies in Jordan, and 1125 responses were collected. The respondent sample was constructed using random stratified sampling. The PLS-SEM was used to test the hypothesized relationships of the model. The study result revealed positive relationships between (1) talent management and organizational performance, (2) talent management and emotional intelligence, and (3) emotional intelligence and organizational performance. Employing PLS path modelling to evaluate the structural model is highly original. The paper emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence as a mediator of the relationship between talent management and organizational performance in the pharmaceutical industry of Jordan.
Gov't Doc #: ISSN 1751-8202
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