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Title: Mannose binding lectin and ficolin-2 polymorphisms are associated with increased risk for bacterial infections in children with B acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Authors: pana zd, $AAUP$Other
samarah f
papi r, $AAUP$Other
antachopoulos c, $AAUP$Other
papageorgiou t, $AAUP$Other
farmaki e, $AAUP$Other
hatzipantelis e, $AAUP$Other
tragiannidis a, $AAUP$Other
vavatsi-christaki n, $AAUP$Other
kyriakidis d, $AAUP$Other
athanassiadou-piperopoulou f, $AAUP$Other
roilides e, $AAUP$Other
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Pediatr Blood Cancer.
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