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Title: Comprehensive Study on Decoupling Networks for 7 Tesla MRI based on Reactive Load Parasitic-Element
Authors: Salama, Sanaa$AAUP$Palestinian
Baldawi, Tarik $Other$Other
Abuelhaija, Ashraf $Other$Other
Issa, Samer $Other$Other
Keywords: Decoupling network(DN)
matching network (MN),
capacitive & inductive load,
open and short-circuited load.
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2020
Publisher: Majlesi Journal of Electrical Engineering
Abstract: This work presents and evaluates the integrating of decoupling networks in MRI systems at 7 Tesla magnetic field strength. The parasitic element is reactive loaded. Four different cases of reactive loads are considered: capacitive load, inductive load, open circuited, and short-circuited loads are considered. The idea behind this technique is to reduce or even eliminate the effect of mutual coupling between the RF coil elements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)system. Two rectangular loops are used to compose a planar phased array. This structure is designed and optimized in CST at the Larmor frequency of 298.3 MHz corresponding to the 7 Tesla MRI system.
ISSN: ISSN 23453796, 2345377X
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