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Title: Strategic Planning Impact on Banks Employees' Performance: Palestine
Authors: Abu Karsh, s$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: Banks, Banking industry, Finance, Financial Institutions
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology
Citation: Abu Karsh, Sharif. M. and Abu Khader, Sameh. R. (2020). Strategic Planning Impact on Banks Employees' Performance Palestine, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol. 29, No. 9s, (2020), pp. 4640-4652
Series/Report no.: Vol. 29;No. 9s
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the impact of strategic planning on employees' performance in the banks operating in Palestine, and to assess the appropriateness of the strategic plans with the bank’s vision and mission, also assess the appropriateness of resources with plans. A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted to assess the perceptions of banks employees working in branches of banks operating in Palestine and specialized departments on the strategic plans development process. A sample of 407 Palestinian banks employees was targeted out of total population estimated of about 7001. Study data was collected using self-administered questionnaire. The total questionnaire distributed were (407), (320) were filled and sent back which made the response rate (78.6%). The results showed that there is an existence of strategic planning in the targeted banks operating in Palestine, the various dimensions used for the assessment of strategic planning show a consistency of the factors in use throughout the bank, respondents were highly in agreement with most of the factors of the various dimensions indicating an efficient and effective operations of the strategic planning in the targeted banks operating in Palestine . There is a high correlation between the strategic planning and employees' performance in banks. Where improved strategic planning and the existence of a clear vision and mission have the main effect in raising the quality of the performance of employees. The feedback of the employees working in the banks operating in Palestine who usually are the implementer of the developed strategic plans were not taken into consideration. Efforts need to be made to allocate the available resources (Human & Financial) required in the process of the effective implementation for the strategic plans including reaching the agreed upon objectives in cost effective manner. Developing & improving the lines of communication between banks senior management and employees work in the banks in order to provide windows for the feedback of employees to be taken into the consideration of the bank's senior management especially when banks are developing marketing plans
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