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Title: Supernumerary Lateral Incisors: A Narrative Review
Authors: Arandi, Naji$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: Hyperdontia
Lateral incisors
Supernumerary teeth
Issue Date: 20-Aug-2020
Publisher: Journal of international oral health
Citation: Arandi NZ. Supernumerary lateral incisors: A narrative review. J Int Oral Health 2020;12:299-304.
Abstract: Background: Although many papers on the subject of supernumerary teeth are found in the dental literature, the great majority are in the form of case reports and prevalence studies. Of the supernumerary teeth found in the maxillary incisor area, those associated with the mesiodens have received attention and extensive investigation in recent years. The less common supernumerary teeth associated with the lateral incisor appears to have been overlooked and, as far as can be ascertained from the literature, no in‑depth reviews of this particular dental anomaly have been undertaken, apart from isolated case reports. Aim: This paper reviews the current literature on characteristics, prevalence, diagnosis, and management of this problem. Materials and Methods: A thorough literature search between 1974 and 2020 was done using Scopus, PubMed, and Google Scholar databases. Results were reviewed, prioritized, and findings were compiled. The keywords of the search strategy were as follows: prevalence, case reports, supernumerary, supplemental, and lateral incisors. Only articles in English published in peer‑reviewed journals were included in the review. This review underlines the fact that a supplemental lateral incisor is a rare developmental anomaly. Results: Its prevalence among various populations falls between 0.05% and 1.59%. They occur more frequently in the maxilla than in the mandible, and the majority occur unilaterally, erupted, and of the supplemental type. Conclusion: Early diagnosis and treatment are suggested to prevent orthodontic and esthetic complications. Therefore, careful clinical and radiographic examination is essential to make a correct and rational diagnosis and treatment planning for any patient.
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ISSN: 0976-7428
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