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Title: Acceptance of mobile banking in Islamic banks: integration of DeLone and McLean IS model and unified theory of acceptance and use of technology
Authors: Mansour, Majeed$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: DeLone and McLean IS success model
D&M model
Islamic mobile banking
system quality
information quality
service quality
structural equation modelling
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2020
Publisher: Int. J. Business Excellence, INCANDESCENCE Publication
Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the factors that influence on user intention to adopt Islamic mobile banking. Islamic mobile banking is relatively new area of research when compared with other traditional online banking services such as internet banking and conventional mobile banking. Thus, understanding the determinants that influence on Islamic banking user intention is important. The present study integrates two well-known theories; the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology and DeLone and McLean IS success model in order to investigate user's behavior towards adoption of Islamic mobile banking in Palestine. Findings of the structural equation modelling depicted that factors underpinned UTAUT and D&M model explained R2 61.3% variance in user intention to adopt Islamic mobile banking. IPMA analysis suggested that managers and policy makers should focus on system quality in order to boost Islamic mobile banking adoption among customers of Islamic banks.
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