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Title: Tungsten doped Bi1.5Zn0.92Nb1.5O6.92 ceramics designed as radio/ microwave band pass/ reject filters
Authors: Qasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian
Abdalghafour1, Mays A. $AAUP$Palestinian
Mergen, A.$Other$Other
Keywords: band filters, Bi1.5Zn0.92Nb1.5-6x/5WxO6.92, ceramics, XRD
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2020
Publisher: Microwave and optical technology letters
Series/Report no.: 0895-2477;
Abstract: Herein, radiowave/microwave bandpass/reject filters are fabricated from the tungsten doped Bi1.5Zn0.92Nb1.5-6x/5WxO6.92 (W-BZN) pyrochlore ceramics. The W-BZN band filters are prepared by the solid state reaction technique and subjected to X-ray diffraction (XRD) and impedance spectroscopy analyses. It was shown that the W-BZN filters can display negative capacitance effects accompanied with resonance-antiresonance oscillations. The calculations of the reflection coefficient parameter (S11), the return loss (Lr) and the voltage standing wave ratios (VSWR) in the frequency domain of 0.01 to 1.80 GHz, has shown that the W-BZN device can perform as microwave cavities at two notch frequency values of 0.44 and 1.53 GHz. W-BZN devices can also be nominated as noise reducers and radiowave/ microwave signal receivers suitable for telecommunication technology.
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