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Title: "Perceptions of nurses about reporting medication administration errors in Jordanian hospitals: A qualitative study."
Authors: LAI, Ali$Other$Other
Saifan, Ahmad$Other$Other
Alrimawi, Intima$Other$Palestinian
Atout, Maha$Other$Other
Salameh, Basma$AAUP$Palestinian
Issue Date: 15-Jun-2021
Abstract: Introduction Reporting Medication Errors (MEs) is a critical issue that confronts healthcare providers and institutions all over the world, yet this issue has only recently been examined in developing countries. Purpose To explore the perceptions of Jordanian nurses around reporting MEs and to identify potential barriers to reportage in their context. Methodology A qualitative descriptive approach was followed; whereby24 Jordanian nurses were interviewed. Results Two main themes emerged. The first revolved around nurses' perceptions of ME reporting, and the second theme pertained to the daily barriers that prevented them from reporting MEs. Conclusion This study identified many individual behaviors and system defects that exacerbate the lack of ME reporting in Jordan. The results point to an opportunity for Jordanian hospital managers to acknowledge these problems and thereby facilitate their resolution and increase the quality of healthcare in their organizations.
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