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Authors: dr.khalid atieh
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: International Conference on Research in Education and Scienc
Abstract: This study aims at measuring the level of municipal services quality and citizens satisfaction in Jenin Area. Obviously, the study problem shows that the citizens are not satisfied with the current services quality offered by the municipalities in the Governorate of Jenin. Hence, this paper is considered as a base-stone for the municipalities of Jenin area in which academic researchers at institutes and universities can get use of its findings and recommendations. The study population comprises citizens who reside in Jenin area. Whereas, the study sample is made up of (400) respondents of the surveyed municipalities. The study findings reveal that the citizens are satisfied with the service quality offered by the municipalities in Jenin area. The findings also show that citizens' evaluation of the quality of the municipal services is positive for each of the five dimensions of service quality (tangibles, assurance, responsiveness, reliability, empathy). As a consequence, the aforementioned findings of this paper come up with a number of recommendations. However, the most significant recommendation states that the municipalities in Jenin area should adopt the findings of this paper especially the positive evaluation of the service quality. This positive evaluation reflects the satisfaction of the citizens which leads the working municipalities in Jenin area to offer better services. Key words: satisfaction, services quality, municipalities in Jenin area
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