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Title: Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging for Burns Diagnostics under Dressing Materials
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Authors: Owda, Amani$AAUP$Palestinian
Keywords: burns; millimeter-wave; passive imaging; noncontact diagnostics; dressing materials; porcine skin
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2022
Publisher: Publisher: MDPI and Journal Name: Sensors
Citation: Owda, A.Y. Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging for Burns Diagnostics under Dressing Materials. Sensors 2022, 22, 2428.
Series/Report no.: 1424-8220;
Abstract: This paper presents a feasibility study of using a passive millimeter-wave imaging (PMMWI) system to assess burn wounds and the potential for monitoring the healing process under dressing materials, without their painful removal. Experimental images obtained from ex vivo porcine skin samples indicate that a ThruVision passive imager operating over the band 232–268 GHz can be used for diagnosing burns and for potentially monitoring the healing under dressing materials. Experimental images show that single and multiple burns are observed throughout dressing materials. As the interaction of millimeter-wave (MMW) radiation with the human body is almost exclusively with the skin, the major outcomes of the research are that PMMWI is capable of discriminating burn-damaged skin from unburned skin, and these measurements can be made through bandages without the imager making any physical contact with the skin or the bandage. This highlights the opportunity that the healing of burn wounds can be assessed and monitored without the removal of dressing materials. The key innovation in this work is in detecting single and multiple burns under dressing materials in noncontact with the skin and without exposing the skin to any type of manmade radiation (i.e., passive sensing technology). These images represent the first demonstration of burns wound under dressing materials using a passive sensing imager.
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