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Title: Characterization and applications of ITO/SeO2 interfaces
Authors: Qasrawi, Atef$AAUP$Palestinian
Latifah, Alfhaid$Other$Palestinian
Keywords: s ITO/SeO2 · High absorbance · Negative conductance · Negative capacitance · Band stop flter
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2022
Publisher: Optical and Quantum Electronics
Citation: Optical and Quantum Electronics (2022) 54:423
Series/Report no.: 0306-8919;423
Abstract: Herein, indium tin oxide (ITO) thin flm substrates are employed to fabricate ITO/SeO2 multifunctional interfaces. The efects of ITO substrates on the physical properties of SeO2 thin flms are explored by the structural, morphological, optical and electrical characterization techniques. Amorphous SeO2 thin flms are prepared by the thermal evaporation technique under a vacuum, pressure of 10–5 mbar, that exhibit induced crystallization process when it is coated onto ITO substrates. ITO substrates additionally forced evolution of SeO2 nanotubes of diameters of 10–20 nm. Optically, coating SeO2 onto ITO substrates enhance the light absorbability in the visible and infrared ranges of light, blue shifted the energy band gap of SeO2 and forced dielectric resonance at 3.42 eV and 2.27 eV. Electrically, the ITO/SeO2/Ag devices display negative conductance and negative capacitance efects in the frequency domains of 0.01–0.35 GHz and 0.01–1.80 GHz, respectively. These features are benefcial for signal amplifcation and noise reduction in electronic circuits. In addition, the impedance spectroscopy analyses shows that the ITO/SeO2/Ag devices operate at high impedance mode in the microwave frequency domain. It also shows band stop flter characteristics that are well performing in the gigahertz frequency domain. The features of the band stop flter nominate the ITO/SeO2/Ag devices for use in 5G technologies.
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