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Title: Quality of Life: Concept Analysis
Authors: Aqtam, Ibrahim$Other$Palestinian
Ayed, Ahmad$AAUP$Palestinian
Zaben, Kefah $Other$Palestinian
Keywords: Quality of life
palliative care
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2023
Publisher: Scholars Middle East Publishers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Abstract: Background: Quality of life (QOL) is a concept commonly used within healthcare but lacks consensus. A concept that has been commonly associated with adherence, morbidity, and health outcomes. Objectives: The aim of this paper is to clarify the concept of QOL and identify the conceptualizations behind it and to provide some insights to QOL research. Design: Concept analysis according to Walker and Avant, consist of eight steps: select concept, determine purpose, identify uses, determine defining attributes, identify model case, identify additional cases, identify antecedents and consequences, and define empirical referents. Results: The fact that quality of life is subjective, and the most crucial lesson advanced practice nurses should learn from this investigation. However, in the absence of subjective evaluations of quality of life, objective evaluations can be done by people who were close to the patient and may understand what they would have appreciated. Though many of the characteristics of quality of life are measured, it is crucial to keep in mind that each person's priorities ultimately define what is important to them. When deciding on care goals and treatment plans, these must be made in collaboration with the patient so that the patient can determine what he/she values and what would improve his/her quality of life. Conclusion: The practitioner needs to put aside his/her personal opinions on what would improve the quality of life and instead listen to the patient’s wishes and goals. Quality of life is ultimately what an individual says it is, and when that is heard and respected, the highest and most individualized quality of care can be provided.
Description: Nursing, quality of life
ISSN: ISSN: 2616-7921
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