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Title: قياس درجة اتجاهات المستهلكين نحو خدمات التأمين في شمال الضفة الغربية: دراسة ميدانية
Authors: dr. majeed m mansour
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: مجلة جامعة القدس المفتوحة للأبحاث والدراسات
Abstract: This study sought to measure the degree of consumers? attitudes towards insurance services in the north of the West Bank and their relationship with a number of variables. To this end, the researcher developed a questionnaire and administered it to a randomly chosen sample of 155 insurance services consumers. After data collection and analysis, it was found that the degree of consumers? attitudes towards insurance services was high. No significant differences were found which might be attributed to the variables of sex, age, marital status and place of living. However, there were differences in favor of high income people. In the light of these findings, the researcher suggests of that insurance companies should show high interest in commercial promotion (ads and publicity for their products) to enlighten consumers and others about their services. In addition, insurance companies are advised to have their own electronic websites to facilitate communication with the consumers and disseminate the regulations and rules which insurance companies abide by
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