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dc.contributor.authormarwan m. a. abualrob
dc.description.abstractThis paper outlines Teachers’ Perceptions about the STS Teaching and Learning Materials (modules) and elicit teachers’ perceptions about infusing the developed modules instead of the existing textbook, which was part of a bigger study to establish a science, technology and society (STS) foundation in the Ninth Grade Science curriculum in Palestine. Both interviews and questionnaire were used to answer the research question “What are the teachers’ perceptions about the final developed STS teaching and learning materials (modules) for Ninth Grade Science?” of this paper. Teachers’ overall impression about the final version of the STS teaching and learning materials was positive. The teachers also gave high scores to most of the items in the survey evaluation of the modules. In addition, the teachers agreed that the final STS teaching and learning materials (Modules) could be used in the infusion instead of the existing textbook.
dc.publisherOIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development
dc.subjectSTS teaching
dc.subjectlearning materials
dc.subjectscience and technology
dc.titleTeachers’ Perceptions About the STS Teaching and Learning Materials
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